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ICEMT 2020

Please know that our thoughts are with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The health and safety of our members and participants are our first priority. Hence, ICSET 2020 was hold in online format.

Photo Gallery

Prof. Douglas O’Shaughnessy, Fellow of IEEE, Institut National De La Recherche Scientifique (INRS-EMT), Quebec, Canada gave speech at the conference

Prof. Akihiko Sugiyama, Fellow of IEEE and IEICE, Yahoo! JAPAN Research gave speech at the conference

Prof. Kuan-Chou Chen, Purdue University Northwest, USA gave speech at the conference

Prof. Mido Chang, Florida International University, USA gave speech at the conference

Prof. Yiu-Wing Leung, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong gave speech at the conference


Session Photos (Partly)


Best Presentation Information:

Session 1
Virtual Reality as A Tool for Foreign Students’ Anti-Stress Adaptation to A New Educational Environment
Elena Tikhonova, Moscow State University of Food Production, Russia


Session 2  

EFL Students’ Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in Online Educational Setting

Madina Ganieva, Moscow State University of Food Production, Russia


Session 3

Influencing Factors of the Application Level of Computer in Chinese for International Students Based on Regression Analysis

Yali Mu, Beijing Language and Culture University, China


Session 4 

Willingness of Middle-Aged Women of Taiwan Metropolis to Use Social VR and Their Potential Influencing Factors in The Future

Dan Shao, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan


Session 5
Increasing Interactivity in the Use of PowerPoint within an Educational Context
Andrew Filmer, Sunway University, Malaysia


Session 6

Understanding How eLearning Tools Influence Self-Efficacy and Instructor Connectedness: A Sunway College Preliminary Study

Elaine Yong, Sunway University, Malaysia


Session 7

Academic Stress Perceived by Thai High School Students Preparing for University Entrance Examinations
Shaynisa Siriwongsilp, Mahidol University International Demonstration School, Thailand


Session 8

Exploring Transmedia Storytelling as an Approach to Assessment in Problem-Based Learning

Elizaveta Berezina, Sunway University, Malaysia